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Breakdown of Reims’ Counter-Attacking Success: How They Upset PSG

Breakdown of Reims' Counter-Attacking Success: How They Upset PSGBreakdown of Reims' Counter-Attacking Success: How They Upset PSG

Breakdown of Reims’ Counter-Attacking Success: How They Upset PSG

In an unexpected turn of events, Stade de Reims managed to hold star-studded Paris Saint-Germain to a 2-2 tie in Ligue 1. While PSG controlled possession Reims’ slippery counter-attacking proved decisive with both goals coming from quick transitions. Here’s how they frustrated the league’s leaders.

Tactical Discipline of Reims’

The manager of Reims still organized his team with an obvious emphasis on strong defense and shrewd counterattacking. They would frequently sit deep in a close-knit 4-4-1-1 formation, taking the heat off PSG and preventing them from occupying central areas. PSG was obliged by this structured formation to play wide or attempt long balls which Reims’ powerful center defenders frequently handled with ease.

Key Personnel

Reims’ counterattacking success was based on the unique skills and knowledge of a few crucial players:

  • Oumar Diakité: The youthful defender played a key role in disrupting PSG’s game plan and starting offensive moves. His ability to win duels and swiftly convert defense into attack was facilitated by his strength, foresight, and poise when handling the ball. He helped achieve both objectives directly.
  • Marshall Munetsi: The midfielder’s directness and quickness were essential in moving the ball forward during transitions. Reims took the lead early because to his perfectly timed finish off Diakité’s pass, which gave them the assurance to stick to their strategy.
  • Junya Ito: The Japanese winger was a continual menace with his breakneck pace and dribbling prowess. His sprints gave teammates room to move and served as a target for long passes by forcing PSG’s defenders to retreat.

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Exploiting PSG’s Weaknesses

Reims shrewdly identified and targeted a few vulnerabilities in PSG’s setup:

  • High Defensive Line: PSG’s high defensive line left them susceptible to balls played in behind. Reims’ long accurate passes often found Munetsi and Ito breaking through especially in wide areas.
  • Lack of Midfield Cover: PSG’s midfield failed to provide sufficient protection for their backline. This left gaps for Reims’ central midfielders to exploit during transitions, launching quick attacks with a few well-placed passes.

The Goals: Execution of the Strategy

Both of Reims’ goals were textbook examples of their counter-attacking approach.

  • First Goal: A quick turnover in midfield saw Diakité dispose of a PSG player. He unleashed a precise long ball for Munetsi to beat the offside trap and calmly place his shot past the goalkeeper.
  • Second Goal: Diakité was again the instigator intercepting a pass near the midfield line. A quick forward pass found a surging Ito, whose cross was deflected into the goal via an unfortunate PSG own goal.


A tie might not appear noteworthy at first but Reims’ victory over PSG shows how powerful a well-thought-out counterattacking tactic can be. Their precision finishing, quickness in transition and disciplined defense were enough to throw off one of Europe’s most formidable attacking teams’ rhythms.

It remains to be seen if Reims can continue this kind of play against other opponents. However, other Ligue 1 teams should take note of their ability to threaten the league leaders with shrewd quick forward play. It also begs the question of whether PSG’s present strategy exposes them to the same kinds of counterattacking vulnerabilities.

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