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De Zerbi is eyed by Chelsea and Liverpool in the managerial race.

De Zerbi is eyed by Chelsea and Liverpool in the managerial race.De Zerbi is eyed by Chelsea and Liverpool in the managerial race.

The Premier League’s managerial race is apparently increasing under Roberto De Zerbi. The highly regarded manager of Brighton & Hove Albion is reportedly the target of both Chelsea and Liverpool. The Italian tactician is a prominent target for elite teams trying to turn around their fortunes because of his attractive playing style and capacity for overachievement with little funding.

Why De Zerbi is in Demand

Roberto De Zerbi has emerged as one of the hottest managerial prospects in Europe for several compelling reasons:

  • Zerbi’s teams play a possession-oriented dynamic style of football with a focus on quick passing, clever movement and creating space in the attacking third. This approach aligns well with the modern high-scoring game prevalent in the Premier League.
  • While committed to an attacking philosophy, Zerbi is also adaptable. He’s shown a willingness to adjust his formation and tactics to suit his players’ strengths and exploit their weaknesses. This flexibility is a valuable trait for clubs contending with diverse rivals in the Premier League and European competitions.
  • De Zerbi has proven his capacity to prosper in the Premier League’s unique atmosphere. He has transformed them into a respectable team capable of shocking and contending with Brighton’s traditional powerhouses.
  • De Zerbi established a reputation as an overachiever bringing the club to remarkable Serie A results despite a limited budget during his stint at Sassuolo. This skill set is very appealing to clubs seeking to maximize their potential despite limits.

The Case for Chelsea

Chelsea under new owner Todd Boehly is undergoing a period of rebuilding and transformation. De Zerbi could be the catalyst to accelerate their progress:

  • He can lead Sassuolo to European competition which is a valuable experience that could benefit Chelsea in future Champions League campaigns.
  • Chelsea has struggled for consistent attacking output this season. De Zerbi’s philosophy and his history of maximizing attacking players’ potential could inject the spark.
  • De Zerbi represents a departure from Chelsea’s recent hiring choices.

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The Case for Liverpool

Liverpool after a disappointing season could also be poised to make a managerial change. Here’s why De Zerbi might be the right fit:

  • Zerbi’s high-tempo pressing style is comparable to Jurgen Klopp’s early Liverpool squads. He has the potential to reenergize a team that appears to have lost some of its intensity and flair.
  • Zerbi is known for developing new talent and helping athletes reach their full potential. This is consistent with Liverpool’s commitment to nurturing interesting young players alongside experienced stars.
  • He may be the ideal manager to reignite Liverpool’s attacking flair. Their goalscoring has declined this season and De Zerbi’s emphasis on offensive creativity could help recapture their previous form.

The Challenges

Brighton’s Resistance: Brighton is unlikely to let go of their prized manager without a fight. Chelsea and Liverpool will likely need to offer significant compensation and a compelling project to persuade De Zerbi to leave.

High Expectations: Chelsea and Liverpool are high-pressure environments with demands for immediate success. Zerbi would need to adapt quickly and deliver results to satisfy demanding fan bases.

Competition: Other European clubs could enter the race for Zerbi’s signature further complicating the pursuit for Chelsea and Liverpool.


The potential transfer battle between Chelsea and Liverpool for Roberto De Zerbi promises to be one of the summer window’s most intriguing storylines. Whether he ultimately chooses London or Merseyside, De Zerbi’s arrival at either club would bring excitement, tactical innovation and a fresh injection of energy to the Premier League.

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