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From ashes to glory: Ivory Coast on their way of historic AFCON victory

From ashes to glory: Ivory Coast on their way of historic AFCON victoryFrom ashes to glory: Ivory Coast on their way of historic AFCON victory

Ivory Coast is on the verge of an unexpected but exciting victory as it prepares to host Nigeria in the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations final. This was not the narrative anyone expected following their catastrophic 4-0 defeat to Equatorial Guinea and subsequent head coach firing. Yet here they are propelled by an astonishing adventure filled with drama, resilience and a touch of magic.

Their journey to the final has been far from straightforward. Remember the despair? Are the calculators buzzing after the group stages praying for miracles in other matches to qualify as one of the “luckiest losers”? That was only the tip of the iceberg.

During the chaos, Emerse Faé an assistant coach turned unexpected hero stepped in. He wasn’t supposed to be here let alone guiding them to the pinnacle of success. However, with each implausible outcome the moniker “Special One” became more accurate. The knockout stages showcased their newfound spirit. Overcoming reigning champions Senegal a stunning comeback against Mali with ten men and silencing the Democratic Republic of Congo each victory defied expectations stoking hope that something exceptional was on the way.

Abidjan pulses with expectation. The city is blanketed in orange and supporters are practically wearing their emotions on their sleeves. Mannequins display the national colors taxis fly Moroccan flags in appreciation for their group stage lifeline, and Didier Drogba himself leads the passionate charge.

Faé, the architect behind this extraordinary success remains grounded. He admits their initial reservations and lack of confidence. But defeating Senegal and scoring twice in extra time against Mali despite being down a man strengthened their spirit and fueled their belief.

Sunday’s match against Nigeria, a rematch of their group stage matchup in which the Super Eagles won, has another surprise. As Faé correctly states, much has changed. The Elephants carry the momentum, the clamor of the home fans, and the weight of a nation seeking glory.

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Can they do the unthinkable? Can they emerge from the ashes of despair to become champions on home soil? The answer like their entire adventure may simply defy expectations. Whatever the outcome the final will be a historic event that will inscribe their names in AFCON mythology. Ivory Coast’s story has already left an indelible impression on hearts demonstrating the power of resilience and the magic that occurs when belief exceeds expectations.

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