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NBA’s 5 Most Hated Defenders: They’ll Take the Hit to Stop You

NBA's Most Hated Defenders: They'll Take the Hit to Stop YouNBA's Most Hated Defenders: They'll Take the Hit to Stop You

The NBA spotlight frequently shines on highlight-reel dunks, acrobatic layups, and long-range three-pointers. One such unappreciated skill is the ability to draw charges. The ability to bait an attacking player, maintain optimal placement, and absorb contact is a valuable technique for disrupting opponents and changing the course of a game.

Let’s look at the top charge-takers in the NBA’s 2023–24 season, highlighting the players who have mastered this defensive tool and the influence it has on their teams.

Top 5 NBA players for charges drawn

1. Jaylin Williams: 0.32

Jaylin Williams is the Oklahoma City Thunder’s sophomore center. He has an impressive talent for drawing charges while receiving less playing time than other established centers. His understanding of the low-post game as well as his ability to use his body against larger opponents make him a surprising force on defense. Williams’ ability to draw charges puts pressure on opposition big men and opens up easy fast-break opportunities for the Thunder.

2. Moritz Wagner, 0.33

Moritz Wagner is the Orlando Magic’s energizer off the bench. He is more than simply a scorer. He is a smart defender who knows time and angles, allowing him to force charges on unwary guards slicing to the basket. Wagner’s charging disturbs opponents’ rhythms, resulting in vital extra possessions for the rebuilding magic.

3. Tim Hardaway Jr.: 0.38

Tim Hardaway Jr., the Dallas Mavericks’ sharpshooter, provides more than simply a three-point danger to the squad. He is charged with guarding some of the league’s best perimeter scorers. Hardaway’s quickness, defensive IQ, and understanding of opponents’ tendencies enable him to draw important charges. This skill complements his scoring ability and assists Dallas’ key players.

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4. Jalen Brunson: 0.46

Jalen Brunson has energized the Knicks since his arrival with his relentless playmaking and scoring ability. He’s also established himself as one of the league’s best charge-takers, putting his body on the line regardless of opponent size. Brunson exploits his knowledge of offensive trends as well as his own crafty drives to trick opponents into charging fouls, infusing fire into the Knicks’ defense and energizing their transition game.

He is particularly adept at mid-range jumpers and uses his physicality to create space and initiate contact. While he may face challenges defensively due to his size and athleticism.

5. Brandin Podziemski: 0.62

Brandin Podziemski, the Golden State Warriors’ rookie phenom, could be the most surprising name on this list. The former Santa Clara standout has played a crucial part in the reigning champions’ injury-plagued season. His defensive toughness and willingness to sacrifice his body helped him earn the trust of his teammates and coaches. Podziemski’s charges shift momentum, forcing opponents to change their offensive strategy.

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The Significance of the Charge

Drawing charges is a weapon that transcends individual stats. It demonstrates a team-first mindset, defensive intelligence, and a willingness to sacrifice. Here’s why this matters:

  • A well-timed charge can break an opponent’s scoring streak, depressing their spirits and sparking a counterattack for your team.
  • Charges can reduce star players’ minutes and lead to less aggressive behavior.
  • Defensive Smarts: Drawing charges consistently demonstrates anticipation, comprehension of offensive patterns, and ability to control opponent moves.


In the hyper-offensive world of the NBA, the players on this list demonstrate that defense is more than just shot blocking and steals. Drawing charges necessitates a unique combination of talent, intelligence, and a daring mindset. As the 2023–24 season progresses, keep a careful eye on these defensive specialists and how their charges affect game outcomes.

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