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PKl Match 15: U.P. Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans (48-33) Key moments and Highlights

PKl Match 15: U.P. Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans (48-33) Key moments and HighlightsPKl Match 15: U.P. Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans (48-33) Key moments and Highlights

The U.P. Yoddhas delivered a crushing blow to the Telugu Titans, winning 48-33 at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru. This victory solidifies the Yoddhas position at the top of the Pro Kabaddi League standings, while the Titans remain rooted to the bottom.

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Pardeep Narwal Leads the Charge

Yoddha captain Pardeep Narwal was unstoppable throughout the match, scoring a massive 8 points with a successful raid percentage of 40%. He was ably supported by Surender Gill who contributed 14 points in vital moments.

U.P. Yoddhas Dominate First Half:

The Yoddhas set the tone early establishing a comfortable lead of 22-17 at halftime. Their strong defense, anchored by Nitesh Kumar and Sumit, restricted the Titans raiders to just 13 points in the first half.

Second Half Continues Yoddhas’ Domination:

The second half saw the Yoddhas extend their lead further inflicting four all-outs on the Titans. Pardeep Narwal continued his scoring spree amassing points at a rapid pace. The Titans despite some fight from Pawan Sehrawat and Rajnish were unable to contain the Yoddhas’ onslaught.

Turning Point:

The turning point of the match came in the second half when the Yoddhas inflicted two all-outs within a short period. This gave them a significant advantage and effectively took the wind out of the Titans’ sails.

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U.P. Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans: Full Scorecard and Starter Lineups

Match: U.P. Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans

Venue: Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru

Result: U.P. Yoddhas win 48-33


TeamPointsAll-OutsSuper RaidsSuccessful RaidsRaid Success Rate
U.P. Yoddhas48611840%
Telugu Titans33001737.78%

U.P. Yoddhas Starter Lineups:

Pardeep NarwalRaider8
Nitin PanwarAll-Rounder4
Vijay MalikAll-Rounder0
Surender GillRaider14
Nitesh KumarDefender5
SumitDefender (Left Corner)4

Telugu Titans Starter Lineups:

Pawan SehrawatRaider11
Milad JabbariDefender4
Ajit PawarDefender (Left Cover)2
Robin ChaudharyRight Raider3
Hamid NaderAll-Rounder0
AnkitDefender (Left Corner)2

Key Players:

  • Pardeep Narwal (U.P. Yoddhas): The star of the match, scoring a game-high 8 points and leading the Yoddhas to victory.
  • Nitesh Kumar (U.P. Yoddhas): Provided a strong anchor to the Yoddhas defense scoring 5 tackle points.
  • Surender Gill (U.P. Yoddhas): Supported Pardeep Narwal effectively contributing 14 crucial points.
  • Pawan Sehrawat (Telugu Titans): Despite the loss Sehrawat was a bright spot for the Titans scoring 11 points.
  • Ajit Pawar (Telugu Titans): Provided valuable support to Sehrawat in the raiding department, scoring 2 points with a successful raid percentage of 50%

Fan Voice:

The fans witnessed a dominant performance from the U.P. Yoddhas. They were particularly impressed by the raiding prowess of Pardeep Narwal and the defensive solidity of the Yoddhas. The fans of the Telugu Titans while disappointed with the loss, acknowledged the Yoddhas’ superior performance.

This win further cements the U.P. Yoddhas status as one of the favorites to win the Pro Kabaddi League. They will look to continue their winning momentum in their upcoming matches. The Telugu Titans, on the other hand need to find a way to improve their performance if they want to avoid the bottom of the table.

Additional Details:

  • Total Points: U.P. Yoddhas 48, Telugu Titans 33
  • Raid Points: U.P. Yoddhas 32, Telugu Titans 21
  • Tackle Points: U.P. Yoddhas 16, Telugu Titans 12
  • All-Outs: U.P. Yoddhas 6, Telugu Titans 0
  • Successful Raids: U.P. Yoddhas 18, Telugu Titans 16
  • Super Raids: U.P. Yoddhas 1, Telugu Titans 0

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