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PKL Match 40: Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C. (38-29) Highlights

Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

Chennai, India: Dabang Delhi K.C. emerged victorious in a thrilling encounter against Bengal Warriors at the SDAT Multi purpose Indoor Stadium Chennai with a final score of 38-29. The match kept fans on the edge of their seats as both teams battled it out point for point but ultimately Dabang Delhi K.C.’s superior performance in the second half proved decisive.

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Naveen Kumar Leads the Charge for Dabang Delhi K.C.

Star raider Naveen Kumar was once again the dominant force for Dabang Delhi K.C. racking up a staggering 11 raid points in just 31 minutes on the mat. His relentless raids kept the Bengal Warriors defense on their toes and contributed significantly to the team’s victory. Vikrant and Mohit provided excellent support in the defense securing 5 and 4 tackle points respectively.

Bengal Warriors Fight Valiantly But Fall Short

Bengal Warriors led by Maninder Singh’s 6 raid points put up a strong fight in the first half keeping the score close at 16-13. However, Dabang Delhi K.C. stepped up their game in the second half scoring 23 points compared to Bengal Warriors’ 13. Nitin Kumar and Shrikant Jadhav also chipped in with 9 and 3 raid points respectively for Bengal Warriors but their efforts were not enough to overcome the Dabang Delhi K.C. onslaught.

Key Turning Points

  • Dabang Delhi K.C.’s four all-outs in the second half proved crucial in securing the win while Bengal Warriors failed to score any all-outs throughout the match.
  • Naveen Kumar’s consistent raiding throughout the match put immense pressure on the Bengal Warriors defense.
  • Dabang Delhi’s strong defense in the second half led by Vikrant and Mohit restricted Bengal Warriors’ scoring opportunities.

Key Players:

TeamRaider Defense
Dabang Delhi K.C.Naveen Kumar (11 raid points)Vikrant (5 tackle points), Mohit (4 tackle points)
Bengal WarriorsManinder Singh (6 raid points), Nitin Kumar (9 raid points)Shubham Shinde (4 tackle points)

Key Moments:

  • Dabang Delhi K.C. scored four all-outs in the second half.
  • Naveen Kumar’s consistent raiding throughout the match put pressure on Bengal Warriors.
  • Bengal Warriors failed to score any all-outs throughout the match.

Key Statistics:

Final scoreDelhi K.C. 38 – Warriors 29
Half-time scoreDelhi K.C. 16 – Warriors 13
Naveen Kumar’s raid points11
Vikrant’s tackle points5
Mohit’s tackle points4
Dabang Delhi K.C.’s all-outs4
Bengal Warriors’ all-outs0

Dabang Delhi K.C vs Bengal Warriors Scorecard

Venue: SDAT Multi purpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai

Date: Match 40

Result: Dabang Delhi K.C. won by 9 points (38-29)

Dabang Delhi K.C.

PlayerPtsRaidsTacklesSuper RaidsAll OutExtra Pts
Naveen Kumar11130002
Ashu Malik230000
Meetu Sharma020000
Nitin Chandel11000
Balasaheb Jadhav00000
Vishal Bhardwaj00000
Akash Prasher00000
Felix Li00000

Bengal Warriors

PlayerPtsRaidsTacklesSuper RaidsAll OutExtra Pts
Maninder Singh6100001
Nitin Kumar9121000
Shrikant Jadhav360000
Vaibhav Garje404000
R Guhan010000
Vishwas S120000
Akshay Bharat000000
Dipak Arjun00000
Jaskirat Singh00000
Chai-Ming Chang000000
Aditya S.00000

Team Stats

StatsDabang Delhi K.C.Bengal Warriors
Total Points3829
Raid Points2425
Tackle Points195
All Out Points160
Extra Points24
Raids Attempted4142
Successful Raids1515
Super Raids00
Raid Success Rate36.59%35.71%
Tackle Success Rate45.24%11.90%


  • Referee: Ramesh Chandr
  • Umpires: Atul Kumar, Santosh Kumar

MVP: Naveen Kumar (Dabang Delhi K.C.)

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