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PKL Match 42: Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates (46-28) Highlights and final Scorecard

PKL Match 42: Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates (46-28) Highlights and Key MomentsPKL Match 42: Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates (46-28) Highlights and Key Moments

The Puneri Paltan defeated the Patna Pirates 46-28 in a dominant display at the SDAT Multipurpose Indoor Stadium in Chennai, setting the stage for a Kabaddi match for the ages. Puneri Paltan took control from the start, building a solid 22-15 lead at halftime. The Paltan continued their constant charge in the second half, scoring four crucial all-out points to seal the victory.

Match 42
VenueSDAT Multi-purpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai
ResultPuneri Paltan 46 – 28 Patna Pirates
StatusMatch Completed
On the MatPuneri Paltan emerged victorious against Patna Pirates with a score of 46-28

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Star Performances Drive Puneri Paltan Victory

Puneri Paltan’s success was driven by exceptional individual performances. Aslam Inamdar  led the scoring charts with 6 points as an all-rounder demonstrating his range of skills with raids and tackles. On the offensive front, Pankaj Mohite (11 points) and Mohit Goyat (9 points) were unstoppable, destroying the Patna Pirates’ defense with daring raids.

Patna Pirates Offense Falters Despite Sachin’s Efforts

Throughout the game, the Patna Pirates struggled to find their rhythm. Sachin Tanwar shone with 8 raid points, but lacked sufficient backing from his teammates. Manjeet (5 points) and Sudhakar M (5 points) offered a glimmer of hope, but Puneri Paltan’s rock-solid defense foiled their efforts to score consistently. The Pirates defense also crumbled in the face of Puneri Paltan’s aggressive raids, allowing crucial all-out points that sealed their fate.

Turning Point of the Match:

The game’s turning point came in the second half, when Puneri Paltan performed a stunning four-all-out sequence, extending their lead from a comfortable margin to an impossible one. Patna Pirates struggled to recover from this shift in momentum, and Puneri Paltan took advantage of their disarray to cruise to victory.

Impact of the Win:

Puneri Paltan’s playoff chances have improved significantly as a result of this victory, which has moved them closer to the top of the Pro Kabaddi League table. Patna Pirates, on the other hand, suffer a setback in their playoff pursuit, but the season is far from over. Before returning to the mat in their upcoming matches, both teams will look to regroup and analyze their flaws.

Important Takeaways:

  • Puneri Paltan’s overall performance, which included strong raiding and tackling, was crucial to their victory.
  • With a stellar raiding performance Pankaj Mohite emerged as the Paltan’s hero.
  • Sachin Tanwar, the Patna Pirates’ star raider, had an unusually quiet night, failing to provide the necessary spark.
  • The Patna Pirates’ defense struggled to keep the Puneri Paltan attack at bay, allowing crucial all-out points.

Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates Scorecard

Puneri Paltan
Aslam Mustafa (All-rounder)6
Abinesh Nadarajan (Defender – Right Cover)5
Sanket Sawant (Defender – Left Cover)1
Pankaj Mohite (Raider)11
Mohit Goyat (Raider)9
Gaurav Khatri (Defender – Right Corner)2
Mohammadreza Chiyaneh (All-Rounder)6
Vahid RezaEimehr (Defender)0
Dadaso Pujari (Defender – Right Corner)0
Aditya Shinde (Raider)0
Tushar Dattaray (Defender – Right Cover)0
Badal Singh (Defender – Left Corner)0
Akash Shinde (Raider)0
Nitin R (Right Raider)0
Patna Pirates
Sachin (Raider)8
Neeraj Kumar (Defender – Right Cover)0
Manish (Defender)2
Sudhakar M (Raider)5
Manjeet (Raider)4
Krishan (Defender)2
Ankit (All-Rounder)0
Naveen Sharma (Defender)0
Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj (Defender)0
Sandeep Kumar (Raider)4
Sanjay (Defender – Right Cover)0
Zheng-Wei Chen (Raider)0
Rohit (All-Rounder)0
Kunal Mehta (Raider)0
Half Wise ComparisonPuneri PaltanPatna Pirates
Total Points22 (First Half) / 24 (Second Half)15 (First Half) / 13 (Second Half)
Raid Points13 (First Half) / 12 (Second Half)8 (First Half) / 9 (Second Half)
Tackle Points7 (First Half) / 8 (Second Half)5 (First Half) / 3 (Second Half)
All Out Points2 (First Half) / 4 (Second Half)0 (First Half) / 0 (Second Half)
Extra Points0 (First Half) / 0 (Second Half)2 (First Half) / 1 (Second Half)
Points BreakdownPuneri PaltanPatna Pirates
Total Raids4242
Successful Raids1712
Super Raids00
Raid Success Rate40.48%28.57%
Raid Strike Rate40.48%59.52%
Longest Successful Raid Streak42

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