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PKL Match 45: Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers (46-33) Highlights and Scorecard

PKL Match 45: Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers (46-33) Highlights and ScorecardPKL Match 45: Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers (46-33) Highlights and Scorecard

The Patna Pirates stunned the Pro Kabaddi League tonight defeating the Haryana Steelers 46-33 in a cruel display of dominance. The game which took place at the Noida Indoor Stadium was a complete masterclass from the Pirates who controlled the tempo from start to finish and left the Steelers reeling.

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Sachin steals the spotlight

Sachin, Patna’s star raider was the undisputed architect of their victory. He scored eight points in the first half alone which kept the Steelers’ defense on edge. His relentless raiding and deft touches helped the Pirates build a comfortable 18-15 halftime lead.

Defensive ability

The Pirates’ defense was equally impressive effectively shutting down the Steelers’ raiding threats. Neeraj Kumar, Manish and Krishan formed a solid barrier in the first half blowing out 7 tackles and leaving the Haryana raiders frustrated and empty-handed.

Dominance in the Second Half

The Pirates continued their persistent march in the second half which was merely a formality. Manjeet, with 13 points and Sudhakar M with 5 points joined the raiding party tormenting the Steelers defense even more. The Pirates scored 28 points in the second half compared to the Steelers’ meager 18 demonstrating complete dominance over the game.

Haryana’s problems worsen

The defeat is a bitter pill for the Haryana Steelers who are still struggling with consistency. Their star raider Vinay who scored only 12 points struggled to find his rhythm and the lack of support from the other raiders caused their problems. The Steelers defense was also transparent as they were unable to stop the Pirates relentless attacks.

Moments of Truth

Sachin’s three-point raid early in the second half extended the Pirates lead to 10 effectively breaking the Steelers spirit. Later, Manjeet’s stunning Super Raid in which he eliminated three defenders in quick succession sealed the match’s fate demonstrating the Pirates’ tenacity.

Key Stats and Analysis

  • Patna Pirates superior raiding success rate (54.55% vs Haryana’s 40.91%) proved pivotal in the win.
  • Krishnan Dhull’s 5 tackles showcased the Pirates defensive grit and determination.
  • Both teams had a similar number of total raids (44 each) but the Pirates converted more of them into successful points.
  • Patna’s ability to score bonus points (3 vs Haryana’s 1) also contributed to their victory margin.

Post-Match Reactions

“We knew Haryana Steelers would be a tough opponent but we stuck to our strategy and played with discipline” said Sachin, the Patna Pirates captain. “Manish’s tackles were phenomenal tonight and the entire team deserves credit for this win.”

“We fought hard, but Patna were just too good in the second half” admitted Vinay, the Haryana Steelers raider. “We need to work on our consistency and learn from this defeat.”

Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers – Pro Kabaddi League Match 45

Teams1st Half2nd HalfTotal
Patna Pirates281846
Haryana Steelers181533

Match Result:

  • Patna Pirates Beat Haryana Steelers (46-33)

Player-wise Scorecard:

Patna PiratesPositionPlayer NamePoints
Defender – Right CoverNeeraj Kumar3
RaiderSudhakar (M)5
DefenderNaveen Sharma0
DefenderThiyagarajan Yuvaraj0
RaiderSandeep Kumar0
Defender – Right CoverSanjay0
RaiderZheng-Wei Chen (39′)1
Defender – Left CoverBabu (M)0
RaiderKunal Mehta0
Haryana SteelersPositionPlayer NamePoints
Defender – Left CoverJaideep Dahiya0
Defender – Right CoverMohit Nandal0
RaiderK. Prapanjan (30′)2
Defender – Right CornerRahul Sethpal (30′)6
Defender – Left CornerMohit (30′)2
Left RaiderShivam Patare (16′)7
Defender – Left CornerNaveen Kundu0
RaiderSiddharth Desai0
Defender – Left CoverHarsh0
RaiderTejas Patil (30′)1
RaiderHasan Balbool0
Defender – Right CornerMonu Hooda0

Half-wise Comparison

TeamsTotal PointsRaid PointsTackle PointsAll out PointsExtra Points
Patna Pirates189720
Haryana Steelers1512300

Points Breakdown

TeamsTotal RaidsSuccessful RaidsSuper RaidsRaid Success RateRaid Strike RateLongest Successful Raid Streak
Patna Pirates4420145.45%54.55%12
Haryana Steelers4418040.91%54.55%3

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the match between Patna Pirates and Haryana Steelers Match 45?

Patna Pirates won the match beating Haryana Steelers with a score of 46-33.

Who were the top scorers for Patna Pirates and Haryana Steelers?

For Patna Pirates Manjeet was the top scorer with 13 points and Vinay led the scoring for Haryana Steelers with 12 points.

Were there any key substitutions that impacted the game?

Zheng-Wei Chen’s substitution in the 39th minute resulted in 1 point for Patna Pirates and Shivam Patare’s entry in the 16th minute earned 7 points for Haryana Steelers.

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