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PKL Match 55: U.P. Yoddhas vs Puneri Paltan (31-40) Highlights and final Scorecard

PKL Match 55: U.P. Yoddhas vs Puneri Paltan (31-40) Highlights and final ScorecardPKL Match 55: U.P. Yoddhas vs Puneri Paltan (31-40) Highlights and final Scorecard

Puneri Paltan defeated U.P. Yoddhas in a thrilling Pro Kabaddi League match in Match 55 at the Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida. The match featured intense on-the-mat moments, culminating in Puneri Paltan’s victory with a final score of 40-31.

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PKL Match 55: U.P. Yoddhas vs Puneri Paltan (31-40) Highlights and final Scorecard
PKL Match 55: Yoddhas vs Paltan (31-40) Highlights and final Scorecard

Team Performances:

U.P. Yoddhas (31) – Battling But Falling Short

The Yoddhas, led by raider Pardeep Narwal, fought valiantly against Puneri Paltan. Narwal racked up 6 raid points, demonstrating his raiding prowess. However, the team faced difficulties, particularly on the defensive line, where Puneri Paltan’s raiders took advantage of opportunities.

Puneri Paltan (40) – Clinical Performance Secures Victory

Paltan outperformed U.P. Yoddhas on the mat with a strategic approach. Raider Aslam Mustafa, defender Sanket Sawant, and raider Pankaj Mohite & Mohit Goyat all made significant contributions to the victory. Puneri Paltan’s defenders successfully stopped U.P. Yoddhas raids resulting in a well-deserved victory.

Half Wise Comparison:

First Half Analysis:

  • U.P. Yoddhas: Total Points – 18, Raid Points – 10, Tackle Points – 5, All Out Points – 2, Extra Points – 1.
  • Puneri Paltan: Total Points – 22, Raid Points – 13, Tackle Points – 7, All Out Points – 2, Extra Points – 0.
  • Paltan showcased a balanced performance in the first half, combining effective raiding and solid defense.

Second Half Surge:

  • Yoddhas: Total Points – 13, Raid Points – 3, Tackle Points – 9, All Out Points – 0, Extra Points – 1.
  • Paltan: Total Points – 18, Raid Points – 8, Tackle Points – 8, All Out Points – 2, Extra Points – 0.
  • Puneri Paltan continued their dominance in the second half, maintaining the lead with consistent raid and tackle points.

Individual Brilliance:

  • Pardeep Narwal (U.P. Yoddhas): Notable for his 6 raid points, Narwal displayed commendable raiding skills despite the team’s overall result.
  • Aslam Mustafa (Puneri Paltan): Led the team with 11 raid points, showcasing agility and effectiveness in raid situations.
  • Sanket Sawant (Puneri Paltan): Contributed 2 tackle points, demonstrating defensive prowess crucial for the team’s success.

Key Statistics:

  • Total Raids: Yoddhas – 44, Paltan – 44.
  • Successful Raids: Yoddhas – 8, Paltan – 15.
  • Raid Success Rate: Yoddhas – 18.18%, Paltan – 34.09%.
  • Raid Strike Rate: Yoddhas – 29.55%, Paltan – 47.73%.
  • Longest Successful Raid Streak: Yoddhas – 4, Paltan – 5.


Paltan’s comprehensive win showcased their collective strength, combining effective raiding and disciplined defense. The Pro Kabaddi League continues to deliver exhilarating matches as teams vie for supremacy on the kabaddi mat.

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