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PKl Match 7: Gujarat Giants Vs U Mumba (39-37) Highlights

PKl Match 7: Gujarat Giants Vs U Mumba (39-37) HighlightsPKl Match 7: Gujarat Giants Vs U Mumba (39-37) Highlights

Kabaddi Clash Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba

Gujarat Giants and U Mumba participated in a thrilling kabaddi battle at the EKA Arena that will be remembered in Pro Kabaddi League history. The match was thrilling displaying wonderful abilities, smart plays, and an ups and downs of emotions. Let’s take a look at the specifics, records and key moments that defined this thrilling battle.

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Stats Showdown

The final scoreline of 39-37 tells a story of tough competition with Gujarat Giants winning over U Mumba. The raid points which is a very important part of kabaddi were 26 for Gujarat Giants and 27 for U Mumba showing how close the game was. The tackle points with Gujarat Giants getting 9 and U Mumba getting 6 highlights the defensive strength shown by both teams.

A special stat is the great Super Raid by Sonu Jaglan in the last moments which saved a big win for Gujarat Giants. Gujarat Giants with 1 Super Raid, 9 Tackle Points, 2 All Out Points and 2 Extra Points, Sonu Jaglan’s great performance played a big role in his team’s success.

Records Broken

Fazel Atrachali is the captain of Gujarat Giants who reached a big milestone by winning his 100th match as captain. This makes Atrachali one of kabaddi’s best leaders showing both skill and leadership.

Sonu Jaglan kept his name in the record books by getting a Super 10 for the third match in a row. This great consistency says a lot about Jaglan’s form and how he has helped Gujarat Giants play well overall.

Big Moments

The match saw many moments that changed the game but none more important than Sonu Jaglan’s Super Raid in the last few seconds. This exciting change showed Gujarat Giants ability to bounce back and handle pressure which getting a hard-fought win.

U Mumba’s defensive struggles were clear especially in the left corner and right cover positions. Gujarat Giants’s raiders took advantage of these weaknesses which shows how important a strong defense is in kabaddi.

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Gujarat Giants Vs U Mumba Full Scorecard :

Gujarat Giants Scorecard:

PlayerRaid PointsSuper RaidsTackle PointsAll Out PointsExtra PointsTotal
Sonu Jaglan11102216
Rakesh Sungroya7012111
Rohit Gulia205007
Fazel Atrachali131005
Sourav Gulia020002
Arkam Shaikh000000
Esmaeil Nabibakhsh000000
Narender Hooda000000
Parteek Dahiya000000
Nitin Jaglan000000
Ravi Kumar000000
Balaji D000000

U Mumba Scorecard:

PlayerRaid PointsSuper RaidsTackle PointsAll Out PointsExtra PointsTotal
Guman Singh6040010
Amirmohammad Zafardanesh6130010
Mahender Singh041005
Pranay Vinay Rane500005
Vishwanath V201003
Surinder Singh000000
Girish Ernak000000
Heidarali Ekrami000000
Shivansh Thakur000000
Mukilan Shanmugam000000
Jai Bhagwan000000

Key Moments of the game

  1. Sonu Jaglan’s Super Raid: In a crucial moment Sonu Jaglan’s super raid secured the win for Gujarat Giants.
  2. U Mumba’s All-Out: With less than a minute left U Mumba inflicted an all-out leveling the score for a tense finish.
  3. Fazel Atrachali’s Milestone: Fazel Atrachali celebrated his 100th captaincy match with a victory, showcasing leadership and defensive skills.
  4. Defensive Errors by U Mumba: U Mumba’s defense usually strong made critical errors especially with Rinku allowing Gujarat Giants to capitalize.
  5. Sonu Jaglan’s Consistency: Sonu Jaglan’s Super 10 in all three matches highlighted his consistent and impactful raiding.
  6. Guman Singh’s Super 10: Guman Singh for U Mumba achieved a Super 10 contributing significantly to the team’s performance.
  7. Gujarat Giants’ Second-Half Comeback: A strong comeback in the second half saw Gujarat Giants wipe off the lead and assume an 8-point advantage.
  8. U Mumba’s Missed Opportunities: U Mumba missed key chances particularly in defense, resulting in their first loss of the season.
  9. Rohit Gulia’s Bonus Points: Rohit Gulia’s bonus points played a crucial role in boosting Gujarat Giants score.
  10. Topsy-Turvy Game: Lead changes and intense moments characterized the match keeping the outcome uncertain until the final raid.

Conclusion and What it Means

As Gujarat Giants celebrate their third win in a row the Pro Kabaddi League 2023 continues to give fans exciting and unpredictable matches. U Mumba who lost their first match of the season, will look to learn from this match and come back stronger in the upcoming matches.

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