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PKl Match 10 : Bengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink Panthers (28-28) Highlights

Bengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink PanthersBengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink Panthers

In a nail-biting encounter at The Arena by TransStadia the Bengal Warriors and the Jaipur Pink Panthers played out a 28-28 draw in Match 10 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10. Both teams displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the match resulting in a thrilling tie that kept the fans on the edge of their seats.

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First Half

The first half started evenly with both teams exchanging points through successful raids and tackles. Maninder Singh and Nitin Kumar were the primary raiders for Bengal Warriors while Arjun Deshwal and V Ajith carried the raiding responsibility for Jaipur Pink Panthers. The Warriors managed to maintain a slender lead for the majority of the first half but the Pink Panthers fought back in the closing minutes to level the score at 9-9 at the break.

Second Half

The second half witnessed an even more intense battle as both teams displayed exceptional defensive strategies. The Warriors defense led by Vaibhav Garje and Darpan proved to be a tough nut to crack for the Pink Panthers raiders. On the other hand the Pink Panthers defense anchored by Sunil Kumar and Reza Mirbagheri effectively contained the Warriors raiders.

The score remained tied for the majority of the second half with both teams failing to capitalize on their opportunities. The highlight of the second half was Bhavani Rajput’s Super Raid for the Pink Panthers which momentarily gave them a 3-point lead. However, the Warriors responded immediately with a 2-point raid from Maninder Singh bringing the score back to level terms.

With less than 2 minutes remaining on the clock both teams were desperate to grab the winning points. However neither team could manage a successful raid in the dying moments resulting in a thrilling 28-28 draw.

Match Highlights

  • High-scoring affair: The match witnessed a total of 56 points being scored with both teams contributing equally.
  • Star Performances: Maninder Singh led the scoring for Bengal Warriors with 4 raid points while Shrikant Jadhav impressed with his 7-point raid total. For Jaipur Pink Panthers Arjun Deshwal and Bhavani Rajput were the top scorers with 6 and 10 raid points respectively.
  • Close contest: The match was neck-and-neck throughout, with neither team able to establish a significant lead. Both teams inflicted all-outs on each other, keeping the score tight.
  • Last-minute drama: The final moments of the match were filled with drama with both teams exchanging points desperately. In the end, neither team could manage the winning raid leading to a tie.

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Match Statistics

TeamPointsRaidsTacklesAll OutsExtra Points
Bengal Warriors28401201
Jaipur Pink Panthers28401400

Players Scorecard – Bengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink Panthers

PlayerTeamPtsRaidsTacklesSuper RaidsRaid Success RateRaid Strike Rate
Arjun DeshwalJaipur Pink Panthers6120150%50%
SunilkumarJaipur Pink Panthers20200%0%
Reza MirbagheriJaipur Pink Panthers10100%0%
V AjithJaipur Pink Panthers170014.29%14.29%
Abhishek KSJaipur Pink Panthers20200%0%
Sahul KumarJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
AnkushJaipur Pink Panthers40400%0%
Bhavani RajputJaipur Pink Panthers10130376.92%76.92%
Lucky SharmaJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
Rahul ChaudhariJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
LavishJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
Abhijeet MalikJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
AshishJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
DevankJaipur Pink Panthers00000%0%
Maninder SinghBengal Warriors4120033.33%33.33%
Vaibhav GarjeBengal Warriors30300%0%
DarpanBengal Warriors20200%0%
Nitin KumarBengal Warriors5110045.45%45.45%
Shrikant JadhavBengal Warriors7150046.67%46.67%
Shubham ShindeBengal Warriors00000%0%
Aditya S.Bengal Warriors20200%0%
Vishwas SBengal Warriors01000%0%
Akshay BharatBengal Warriors01000%0%
Aslam ThambiBengal Warriors01000%0%
Suyog GaikarBengal Warriors01000%0%
  • Total Points: 56 (Bengal Warriors: 28, Jaipur Pink Panthers: 28)
  • Raid Points: 23 (Bengal Warriors: 14, Jaipur Pink Panthers: 9)
  • Tackle Points: 27 (Bengal Warriors: 13, Jaipur Pink Panthers: 14)

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