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Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Match 1: Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans (38-32)

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Match 1: Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans (38-32)Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Match 1: Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans (38-32)

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) began its historic tenth season today with an exciting match between the Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans. The Giants defeated the Titans in a thrilling game at The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad, earning 38-32. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this exciting match that set the tone for the upcoming season.

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Sonu Jaglan’s Heroic Comeback

The game’s highlight came in the second half, when Sonu Jaglan entered the arena and set up an amazing comeback for the Gujarat Giants. In an all-out situation, Sonu’s explosive 5-point raid in the first few minutes of the second half turned the momentum in the Giants’ favor. Sonu not only secured a Super 10 with a total of 11 raid points, but he also avoided being tackled throughout the game, This showing his exceptional skills and composure under pressure.

Titans Attempt to Recover

Regardless of their best efforts the Telugu Titans were unable to fully recover from Sonu’s early attack. While Hamid Nader’s Super Tackle got them close they missed a crucial Super Tackle opportunity allowing the Giants to extend their lead. The Titan’s star raider Pawan Sehrawat faced challenges and spent significant time on the bench affecting the team’s overall performance.

Defensive Mistakes and Giant Dominance

Both teams had defensive mistakes but it was the Titans’ defense that had the most serious issues. Pawan Sehrawat a key Titans player struggled against the Giant’s defense, spending a significant amount of time on the bench. The Giants took advantage of these defensive mistakes particularly in the second half, when they dominated the game.

Strategic Timeouts and Tactical Moves

Strategic timeouts played a crucial role in shaping the course of the match. Coaches utilized these breaks to strategize and motivate their players. With only three minutes left on the clock and a slim 3-point difference both teams faced a do-or-die situation, adding to the intensity of the match.

Gujarat Giants Seal the Victory

As the final whistle blew the Gujarat Giants secured a 38-32 victory marking a triumphant start to their PKL 10 campaign. Sonu Jaglan’s stellar performance and the team’s collective effort paved the way for a memorable opening win.

Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans Full Match Highlights

Sure, here’s the scorecard presented in a table format:

1st Half, 2′Gujarat Giants 2 – 1 Telugu TitansPawan Sehrawat gets a bonus point, Rohit Gulia responds with a toe touch.
1st Half, 4′Gujarat Giants 4 – 3 Telugu TitansRajnish opens his account with a touch point, Rakesh pulls one back for Gujarat. Pawan escapes an advance tackle to gift Rohit Gulia a point.
1st Half, 6′Gujarat Giants 5 – 5 Telugu TitansPawan Sehrawat is tackled by Fazel, Rajnish revives Pawan with a ferocious kick in the Titans’ do-or-die raid.
1st Half, 8′Gujarat Giants 6 – 6 Telugu TitansBoth teams put in empty raids. Rakesh escapes from the dash in a Do-or-Die raid. Rajnish revives Pawan in the Titans’ do-or-die raid.
1st Half, 10′Gujarat Giants 6 – 9 Telugu TitansSandeep Dhull gets a tackle point, Pawan with a running hand touch, Titans take a 3-point lead.
1st Half, 12′Gujarat Giants 7 – 12 Telugu TitansTitans execute a Super Tackle on Pawan, reducing the Giants to two men.
1st Half, 14′Gujarat Giants 7 – 12 Telugu TitansTitans’ double ankle hold by Rajnish and Pawan’s escape in a Do-or-Die raid. Pawan’s ankle hold reduces Giants to two.
1st Half, 16′Gujarat Giants 9 – 12 Telugu TitansTitans’ tackle point by Sandeep Dhull, Fazel’s ankle hold on Pawan, Giants make a mini-comeback.
1st Half, 18′Gujarat Giants 13 – 13 Telugu TitansTitans’ Shankar Gadai enters the lobby early, followed by Rakesh’s tackle. Giants execute another Super Tackle.
Half-TimeGujarat Giants 13 – 16 Telugu TitansTitans lead by 3 points at halftime.
2nd Half, 21′Gujarat Giants 18 – 16 Telugu TitansGiants execute the first all-out of the season, targeting Pawan in a 1v2 situation. Titans down to two men.
2nd Half, 23′Gujarat Giants 22 – 18 Telugu TitansTitans’ right cover delivers a huge tackle.
2nd Half, 26′Gujarat Giants 25 – 19 Telugu TitansGiants’ Sonu remains unstoppable, Pawan is sent to the bench, and Giants manage the game well.
2nd Half, 28′Gujarat Giants 26 – 20 Telugu TitansTitans’ Super Tackle by Hamid Nader brings them back.
2nd Half, 30′Gujarat Giants 28 – 22 Telugu TitansSonu continues his electric performance.
2nd Half, 32′Gujarat Giants 30 – 23 Telugu TitansTitans play on the Super Tackle, Sonu manages to get a point.
2nd Half, 33′Gujarat Giants 30 – 25 Telugu TitansReferees award a self-out and bonus+point to Titans, but the review is unsuccessful.
2nd Half, 34′Gujarat Giants 30 – 27 Telugu TitansPawan finally gets Fazel, but the lead remains 3 points.
2nd Half, 36′Gujarat Giants 32 – 29 Telugu TitansPawan gets Fazel, but Sandeep Dhull gifts a point back. Titans down to three.
2nd Half, 38′Gujarat Giants 37 – 30 Telugu TitansSanjeevi makes an error, Sonu gets two points, and Giants inflict an all-out.
2nd Half, 39′Gujarat Giants 37 – 31 Telugu TitansGiants kill time, Titans aim to minimize the margin of defeat.
2nd Half, 40′Gujarat Giants 38 – 32 Telugu TitansPawan gets his Super 10, Sonu escapes in the final raid, and Giants secure the opening win.

Players Statistics

These are the individual player stats for the Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans in the highlighted Kabaddi match:

Gujarat Giants:

PlayerRaid PointsTackle PointsBonus PointsTotal Points
Sonu Singh110011
Rakesh HS5005
Mohammad Nabibakhsh0404
Rohit Gulia4004
Fazel Atrachali (C)0303
Sourav Gulia0101
Arkam Shaikh0000
Balaji D0000
Deepak Singh0000
Narender Hooda0000
Parteek Dhaiya0000
Vikas Jaglan0000

Telugu Titans:

PlayerRaid PointsTackle PointsBonus PointsTotal Points
Sanjeevi S0235
Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (C)61411
Robin Chaudhary0033
Hamid Nader0112
Omkar R. More0101
Sandeep Kumar Dhull0101
Shankar Gadai0101
Ajit Pawar0000
Milad Jabbari0000
Omkar Patil0000
Parvesh Bhainswal0000
Prafull Zaware0000


The PKL 10 opener lived up to the excitement, taking fans on a journey of emotions. The Gujarat Giants showed determination, and Sonu Jaglan emerged as the game-changer with an outstanding display of raiding skill. Both teams will analyze this match as the league progresses to improve their strategies and aim for consistency. Stay tuned for more exciting kabaddi action in the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 matches. Join Our Whatsapp Channel for Latest Updates on Sports.

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