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Harmanpreet Kaur Cricketer Wiki, Stats, Biography, Age, WPL 2024 Team

Harmanpreet Kaur Cricketer Wiki, Stats, Biography, Age, WPL 2024 TeamHarmanpreet Kaur Cricketer Wiki, Stats, Biography, Age, WPL 2024 Team

Harmanpreet Kaur was born on March 8, 1989 in Moga, Punjab, India. She is a well known Indian cricketer known for her remarkable all-round abilities. Harmanpreet has made an unmistakable impression on the cricketing world with a dynamic playing style that includes explosive strokeplay and accurate off spin bowling. As a former captain of the Indian women’s team she guided her squad to multiple triumphs including a historic trip to the 2017 World Cup final. Beyond her on-field abilities, Harmanpreet’s leadership, resilience and dedication to the game continue to inspire young cricketers throughout the world.


Player NameHarmanpreet Kaur
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1989
Place of BirthMoga, Punjab, India
Age34 (as of February 9, 2024)
Languages SpokenPunjabi, Hindi and English
Net WorthEstimated to be between $5-10 million
IPL 2024 TeamMumbai Indians

Early Life

Childhood InfluencesFather (a volleyball and basketball player) was her first coach
inspired by Virender Sehwag
Educational BackgroundGraduated from Gian Jyoti School Academy
Introduction to CricketStarted playing at age 13 at Gian Jyoti School Academy
Early AchievementsRepresented Punjab at Under-19 level
captained India Under-19 team

Personal Details

Family Background
ParentsFather – Harmandar Singh Bhullar (clerk at judicial court)
Mother – Satwinder Kaur
SisterHemjeet Kaur (post-graduate in English, assistant professor)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse/Partner NameN/A
Children (if any)None
Personal Values and BeliefsStrong work ethic, dedication to cricket and empowering young girls

Physical Attributes

HeightApproximately 5’6″ – 5’7″
WeightApproximately 60-65 kg
Body BuildAthletic, well-built
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Tattoos/ScarsNone known
Fitness RoutineRegular training sessions, includes gym work and running
Dietary PreferencesHealthy and balanced diet, emphasizes protein and carbohydrates

Cricket Career

Playing RoleAll-rounder (right-handed batter, right-arm off-spin bowler)
Batting StyleAggressive mainly known for powerful hitting
Bowling StyleOff-spin
Teams Played ForDomestic: Punjab, Mumbai Indians (Women’s Premier League)
International: India Women’s National Team
Jersey Number27 (India), 18 (Mumbai Indians)
DebutDomestic: N/A (started playing at young age)
International: 2009 (ODI vs. Pakistan)
Career ProgressionSteadily rose through ranks became key player for India
Captained India in all formats
Holds several batting records in international cricket
Notable Innings or Performances171* (highest ODI score by an Indian woman)
103* (fastest T20I century by an Indian woman)
Led India to World Cup final in 2017
Challenges OvercomeInjuries, Initial lack of support for women’s cricket and Pressure of expectations
Team Dynamics and RelationshipsStrong leadership qualities, respected by teammates Known for her positive and encouraging attitude
Mentorship ReceivedFather (initial years)
Mithali Raj (former India captain)

Playing Style of Harmanpreet Kaur

A. Key Skills

Harmanpreet Kaur exhibits a powerful strokeplay notably excelling in cover drives and pulls. Her excellent timing and hand-eye coordination enable her to score quickly. She utilizes the sweep shot effectively against spin often catching bowlers off guard. Additionally, she is adept at improvising and playing unorthodox shots to keep the fielding side under pressure.

As an accurate off spin bowler Harmanpreet maintains good control over flight and spin. She can bowl deceptive variations like the doosra which trouble batters. Primarily used in limited overs cricket her bowling is instrumental in restricting runs and taking crucial wickets.

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B. Training Regimen

Fitness Training:
Harmanpreet Kaur follows a rigorous strength and conditioning program to build power and stamina. She focuses on plyometrics, agility drills and running to improve speed and explosiveness. Maintaining high levels of fitness is crucial for coping with the demands of international cricket.

Practice Routines:
She engages in extensive net sessions honing specific batting and bowling techniques. Regular match simulations help improve decision-making and game awareness. Visualization exercises aid in staying mentally focused and confident.

C. Mental Toughness

Harmanpreet Kaur is known for her calmness under pressure rarely showing emotions on the field. She possesses a strong belief in her abilities and remains composed in crucial moments. Adapting well to different situations she can handle the intense pressure of big matches.

D. Preferred Formats.

Harmanpreet Kaur succeeds in T20 cricket because of her aggressive batting style which is well suited to the game’s fast-paced nature. She has the ability to score quickly and change the momentum with powerful hits. Her abilities with both the bat and the ball make her an invaluable asset to T20 teams. While producing consistently in ODIs she has also had memorable Test innings demonstrating her versatility.

E. Captaining Experience.

Harmanpreet Kaur captained India’s women’s team in all formats from 2018 to 2022 leading them to the 2017 World Cup final and multiple bilateral series victories. She is a respected leader who is known for her tactical knowledge, motivational talents and ability to motivate teammates.

F. Unique Playing Techniques or Strategies

Harmanpreet Kaur uses an unorthodox batting stance with a wider grip allowing for more power and flexibility. She often employs unorthodox shots like the reverse sweep and the scoop catching bowlers off guard. Known for her innovative bowling strategies she utilizes the doosra effectively to outwit opponents.

Financial Details

A. Net Worth: Estimated to be between $5-10 million
B. Endorsement Deals: Puma, MRF, Boost, Monster Energy and Sanspareils Greenlands
C. Business Ventures: Harmanpreet co-owns a sports academy in Moga, Punjab.
D. Investments and Financial Planning: Details not publicly available

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harmanpreet Kaur’s playing role in cricket?

Harmanpreet Kaur is an all-rounder proficient as a right handed batter and a right arm off-spin bowler.

What are some notable achievements in Harmanpreet Kaur’s cricket career?

Harmanpreet Kaur holds several records in international cricket, including the highest ODI score by an Indian woman (171*) and the fastest T20I century by an Indian woman (103*). She also led India to the World Cup final in 2017.

What is Harmanpreet Kaur’s leadership experience?

Harmanpreet captained India’s women’s team in all formats from 2018 to 2022 leading them to the 2017 World Cup final and multiple bilateral series victories. She is respected for her tactical knowledge, motivational talents and ability to inspire teammates.

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