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Kyrie Irving Nba Draft, Net Worth, Stats, Shoes, Trade, wife and more

Kyrie Irving is a well-known basketball figure who is more than just a skilled player on the court. Irving who was born on March 23, 1992, in Melbourne, Australia. He has left an indelible mark on the sport earning nicknames such as “Uncle Drew” and “The Magician.” This Australian-American player who speaks English fluently has a net worth of around $90 million which he attributes to real estate investments and endorsement deals with major brands such as Nike, Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

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I. Personal Information

Player NameKyrie Irving
Full NameKyrie Andrew Irving
Nickname(s)Uncle Drew, The Magician, Kyrie “3”
Date of BirthMarch 23, 1992
Place of BirthMelbourne, Australia
Languages SpokenEnglish
Net WorthEstimated $90 million
Breakdown of AssetsPrimarily real estate investments and endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi and Mountain Dew.
EducationHighest Level of Education: One year at Duke University
Field of Study: Sports Management
Academic Achievements: Dean’s List

II. Early Life

Family Background:
ParentsDrederick Irving (played college basketball) and Elizabeth Larson
SiblingsSister – Asia Irving (entrepreneur)
Sister – London Irving (actress)
Girlfriend NameMarlene Wilkerson (current)
Wife NameMarlene Wilkerson
Family Values and InfluencesStrong emphasis on education and basketball, instilled by his father.
Childhood Nickname“Little Kyrie”
Origin of NicknameGiven by his father, referencing his smaller stature compared to other children.
High School Career:
High School AttendedSt. Patrick High School (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
Team AchievementsWon 2 New Jersey State Championships
named USA Today Player of the Year
Academic and Athletic Balancing ActMaintained a good GPA while excelling on the court.
Notable High School RivalriesCompetition with other top recruits like Bradley Beal and Brandon Jennings.
Impact on Local CommunityHosted basketball camps and volunteered at youth organizations.

III. College Years

College Attended: Duke University

College Name: Duke University

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Majors or Areas of Study: Sports Management

College Basketball Career:

  • Led Duke to the 2011 NCAA Championship game and averaged 17.5 points per game.
  • Won the 2011 John R. Wooden Award and the 2011 Naismith Memorial Trophy both awarded to the nation’s top college basketball player.
  • Set Duke freshman records for three-pointers made and made free throws.

College Achievements and Records:

  • NCAA Freshman of the Year finalist
  • ACC Player of the Year
  • First-Team All-ACC
  • Consensus All-American
  • NCAA Tournament All-East Regional Team

Relationship with College Coaches: Strong relationship with Coach Mike Krzyzewski who helped develop Irving’s on-court skills and leadership qualities. Krzyzewski described Kyrie Irving as “a joy to coach” and praised his work ethic and basketball IQ.

College Team Dynamics: Kyrie Irving played alongside other future NBA stars like Miles Plumlee and Nolan Smith forming a close-knit team with a winning mentality. He was a vocal leader and helped create a positive team culture.

Balancing Academics and Athletics: Maintained a decent GPA while leading Duke to a national championship appearance. He learned to prioritize his time effectively and manage demanding academic and athletic schedules.

IV. NBA Career

Draft Year & Team: 2011, selected 1st overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers

Draft Combine Experience: Impressed scouts with his athleticism, ball-handling skills and shooting touch. He performed well in drills and interviews solidifying his status as the top pick.

Reaction to Draft Selection: Celebrated with his family and fans, excited to begin his NBA career. He expressed his gratitude to Duke and promised to work hard for the Cavaliers.

Rookie Season Highlights: Averaged 18.5 points per game and won the NBA Rookie of the Year award. He showcased his scoring prowess, playmaking ability and clutch performances.

Adjustment to NBA Pace: Initially struggled with the physicality and defensive intensity of the NBA but quickly adapted and learned to use his speed and agility to his advantage.

First NBA Game Experience: Scored 27 points in his NBA debut against the Toronto Raptors demonstrating his confidence and ability to perform under pressure.

Career Achievements:

  • NBA Champion (2016)
  • 8x NBA All-Star
  • 3x All-NBA Team
  • FIBA World Cup MVP (2016)
  • NBA All-Star Game MVP (2014)
  • Scored 57 points in a single game (2015)
  • Hit the game-winning shot in the 2016 NBA Finals Game 7

Off-Court Achievements:

  • Donated to various charities and foundations including the Children’s Miracle Network and the American Red Cross.
  • Advocated for social justice and education reform speaking out against racial injustice and gun violence.

Notable Games or Moments:

  • Performing behind-the-back and crossover dribble moves that defy basketball logic.
  • Draining clutch shots and leading comebacks throughout his career.
  • Showcasing his creativity and skill in the NBA All-Star Game.

Impactful Playoff Performances: Led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2017 and 2018 averaging over 25 points per game in both postseasons.

Current Team: Dallas Mavericks

Team Dynamics and Player Relationships: Developing chemistry with Luka Doncic forming a dynamic offensive duo. He has embraced a complementary role as the team’s secondary scorer and playmaker.

Community Engagement with Current Team: Participates in various community events and initiatives in Dallas focusing on youth development and education programs.

Contract Details: Signed a 4-year, $136 million contract with the Mavericks in 2022.

Negotiation Experiences: Opted out of a player option with the Brooklyn Nets to pursue a fresh start in Dallas.

Contract Extensions or Re-negotiations: Could become a free agent again in 2026 potentially seeking a long-term extension with the Mavericks or exploring other opportunities.

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V. Playing Style and Skills:

  • Signature Moves:
    • The “Kyrie Irving Crossover”: A mesmerizing crossover dribble that leaves defenders confused and helpless.
    • The “Step-Back J”: A smooth step-back jumper that gives him space to create his own shot and rise over defenders.
    • The “Behind-the-Back Dime”: A no-look, behind-the-back pass that showcases his creativity and trust in his teammates.
  • Defensive Strategies: While not known as a lockdown defender Kyrie Irving relies on his quickness and anticipation to disrupt passing lanes and steals. He often utilizes a “help” defense strategy assisting teammates and rotating effectively.
  • Key Strengths:
    • Ball-handling and dribbling
    • Shooting (mid-range and three-pointer)
    • Playmaking and vision
    • Creativity and improvisation
    • Clutch performances
  • Leadership Style on the Court: Kyrie Irving isn’t necessarily a vocal leader but he leads by example with his dazzling playmaking and ability to elevate his teammates. He can be a calming presence on the court and inspires confidence through his on-ball skills.
  • Team Player Mentality: While known for his scoring prowess Kyrie Irving has shown an increased willingness to embrace a complementary role when playing alongside other All-Star caliber players. He understands the importance of sharing the ball and making the right play for the team.
  • Offseason Training Approaches: Irving focuses on maintaining his conditioning and refining his dribbling skills during the offseason. He also works on expanding his shooting range and improving his footwork for defensive adjustments.

VI. Off-Court Ventures

Business Ventures
Eco-Friendly Water CompanyInvested in an eco-friendly water company
Production CompanyInvested in a production company focused on empowering diverse voices
Entrepreneurial Ventures and Success Stories
Clothing LineLaunched “Uncle Drew” clothing line inspired by his popular character from a Pepsi Max commercial
Endorsements and Sponsorships
NikeLucrative endorsement deal with Nike
PepsiEndorsement deal with Pepsi
Mountain DewEndorsement deal with Mountain Dew
Brand Alignments and Endorsement Philosophy
ValuesAligns with brands supporting social justice advocacy and creative endeavors
PartnershipsSeeks partnerships allowing self-expression and a positive impact beyond basketball
Notable Ad Campaigns or Collaborations
“Uncle Drew” CommercialsCultural sensations for Pepsi Max, showcasing comedic timing and basketball skills
Philanthropy Work
PassionPassionate about giving back
CharitiesSupports charities focused on youth development, education and social justice
Charities Founded or Supported
KAI Family FoundationFounded the “KAI Family Foundation” supporting children’s hospitals and community centers
NBA’s Players Association Social Justice FundActively participates in initiatives like the NBA’s “Players Association Social Justice Fund”

Global Outreach Initiatives: Irving has participated in international basketball clinics and camps inspiring young players worldwide and promoting the sport globally.

VII. Personal Life

  • Relationships and Family: Kyrie Irving is currently dating Marlene Wilkerson and they have one son together. He maintains a close relationship with his family and siblings.
  • Family Life Amidst the NBA Schedule: Managing family life while traveling as a professional athlete can be challenging but Kyrie Irving prioritizes spending time with his loved ones during the offseason and whenever possible during the season.
  • Relationship Advice or Insights: Kyrie Irving values trust, communication and understanding in relationships. He believes in supporting each other’s dreams and encourages open and honest communication.
  • Hobbies and Interests Outside Basketball: Outside of basketball, Kyrie Irving enjoys music, fashion and reading. He is also passionate about film and has expressed interest in pursuing acting opportunities.

VIII. Challenges and Setbacks

Injury HistoryFaced shoulder injury in 2017 NBA Playoffs and knee injury in 2019-20 season.
Rehabilitation Experiences and Lessons LearnedEndured rigorous rehabilitation, emphasizing patience, perseverance and a positive attitude.
Career Obstacles and How They Were OvercomeResponded to criticism with focus on performance, respectful expression of beliefs and learning from mistakes.
Mental Toughness During AdversityShowed resilience, using challenges as fuel for improvement and developing mental strategies for composure under pressure.
Support Systems in Challenging TimesRelies on family, friends, teammates, mentors and coaches for support and perspective.

IX. Legacy and Impact

Impact on the Game of BasketballInspired a generation with ball-handling skills and creative playmaking, redefining the point guard position.
Innovations in Training or Playing StylePopularized the “step-back jumper” and crossover dribble moves influencing training and offensive strategies.
Influence on Future GenerationsDedication to social justice inspires young people to use their platforms for positive change.
Mentoring Programs or Academies FoundedNo formal programs yet, but engages with young players through camps, clinics and social media.
Contributions to the CommunityPhilanthropic efforts through the “KAI Family Foundation” participating in community initiatives.
Legacy Beyond BasketballSeen as a cultural icon and advocate for social justice, inspiring a new generation to make a difference beyond sports.

X. Net Worth and Financial Success

Estimated Net WorthAround $90 million
Investment Strategies and Financial PlanningInvested in real estate, eco-friendly businesses and production companies for financial security.
Major Sources of IncomeNBA salary, endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and other brands, business ventures and investments.
Diversification of Income StreamsActively pursued opportunities beyond basketball for long-term financial security and to support entrepreneurial endeavors.
Salary Overview Table

Overall Career Stats

Kyrie Irving’s overall career statistics as of December 23, 2023:

StatsRegular SeasonPlayoffsTotals
Games Played688137825
Points Per Game (PPG)23.425.523.8
Field Goal % (FG%)
3-Point % (3PT%)38.434.838.0
Free Throw % (FT%)90.388.590.0
Rebounds Per Game (RPG)
Assists Per Game (APG)
Steals Per Game (SPG)
Blocks Per Game (BPG)
Minutes Per Game (MPG)34.538.935.1
Efficiency Rating (PER)22.023.722.2
True Shooting % (TS%)53.651.553.3
Usage Rate (USG%)29.531.729.8
Points Scored16153348019633
Field Goals Made (FGM)760115309131
3-Pointers Made (3PM)29095223431
Free Throws Made (FTM)14525309417619
Minutes Played23668533028998

Additional Stats:

  • All-Star Appearances: 8x
  • All-NBA Team Selections: 3x (1st – 2014, 2nd – 2017, 3rd – 2019)
  • FIBA World Cup MVP: 2016
  • NBA All-Star Game MVP: 2014
  • Rookie of the Year: 2012
  • Career-High Points: 57 (March 5, 2015)
  • Career-High Assists: 14 (December 28, 2012)
  • Playoff Game-Winning Shot: NBA Finals Game 7, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kyrie Irving’s net worth?

Irving’s estimated net worth is around $90 million. He earns a significant salary from his NBA contract and has lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Nike and Pepsi.

What is Kyrie Irving’s relationship status?

 Kyrie Irving is currently in relation with Marlene Wilkerson and they have one son together. He also maintains a close relationship with his family and siblings.

Where will Kyrie Irving play next season?

 Kyrie Irving is currently under contract with the Dallas Mavericks but there has been speculation about his future with the team. He could become a free agent in 2026 and potentially explore other opportunities.

How many championships has Kyrie Irving won?

Kyrie Irving won an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016 hitting the game-winning shot in Game 7.

What teams has Kyrie Irving played for?

Kyrie Irving has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers (2011-2017), Boston Celtics (2017-2019), Brooklyn Nets (2019-2023) and currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks (2023-present).

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