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Shardul Thakur Cricketer Wiki, Stats, Biography, Age, IPL 2024 Team

Shardul Thakur Cricketer Wiki, Stats, Biography, Age, IPL 2024 Team
Shardul Thakur Cricketer Wiki, Stats, Biography, Age, IPL 2024 Team

Shardul Thakur is a dynamic and versatile Indian cricketer who has established himself as a key contributor to the national team through his batting and swing bowling abilities. Shardul, who was born on October 16, 1991 in Palghar, Maharashtra, has risen through the ranks thanks to his resilience and adaptability. His journey has been marked by impactful performances in domestic and international cricket, earning him the nicknames “Lord Thakur” and “King Shardul.”

I. Introduction:

Player NameShardul Thakur
Full NameShardul Narendra Thakur
Nickname(s)Lord Thakur, King Shardul
Date of BirthOctober 16, 1991
Place of BirthPalghar, Maharashtra, India
Age32 years old (as of January 8, 2024)
Languages SpokenMarathi, Hindi, English
Net WorthEstimated to be in the range of INR 2-3 crores (USD 250,000 – 375,000)

II. Early Life:

Childhood InfluencesFather, Narendra Thakur (cricket enthusiast), inspired by Zaheer Khan.
Educational BackgroundCompleted schooling at Swami Vivekanand International School and Junior College, Mumbai.
Introduction to CricketStarted playing cricket at a young age, encouraged by his father.
Early AchievementsPerformed well in school cricket, captained Mumbai U-19 team, won Harris Shield trophy with a six-wicket haul in an over.
Inspirations and Role ModelsZaheer Khan, Kapil Dev, Javagal Srinath

III. Personal Details:

Family BackgroundParents: Narendra Thakur (businessman), Asha Thakur (homemaker)
SiblingsOne younger brother, Arjun Thakur
Marital StatusMarried to Mittali Parulkar (entrepreneur) on November 27, 2023
Spouse/Partner NameMittali Parulkar
Children (if any)None
Personal Values and BeliefsHard work, perseverance, dedication, family, sportsmanship, loyalty

IV. Physical Attributes:

Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
Weight83 kg (183 lbs)
Body BuildAthletic and well-built
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Tattoos/ScarsNone prominent
Fitness RoutineMaintains a strict fitness regime focusing on strength training, running, and cricket-specific drills.
Dietary PreferencesFollows a balanced diet with sufficient protein for peak performance

V. Cricket Career:

Playing RoleAll-rounder (right-arm medium-fast bowler, right-handed batsman)
Batting StyleRight-handed
Bowling StyleRight-arm medium-fast, known for swing and seam movement
Teams Played ForDomestic Teams: Mumbai cricket team, Mumbai Indians (IPL) International Teams: India national cricket team
Jersey NumberVaries by format, most recently #54 for India ODI and T20I
Debut (Domestic/International)Domestic: First-class debut for Mumbai in 2012 International: ODI debut against Sri Lanka in 2017, Test debut against West Indies in 2018
Career ProgressionRapidly progressed through domestic ranks, broke into the national team in 2017, established himself as a key swing bowler and late-order batsman.
Notable Innings or PerformancesFive-wicket haul in Ranji Trophy final, six-wicket haul against Australia in Border-Gavaskar Trophy, match-winning 71* against England in Lord’s Test.
Challenges OvercomeInitial criticism for lack of height and weight, injuries at times, adapting to different formats.
Team Dynamics and RelationshipsHighly regarded by teammates, known for a positive attitude and work ethic.
Mentorship ReceivedGuidance from senior players like Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma.

VI. Playing Style:

A. Key Skills:

1. Batting Techniques:

Shardul Thakur is renowned for his late-order slogfest, showcasing aggressive hitting in the lower order and effortlessly clearing boundaries. His batting approach exhibits improvisation and adaptability, adjusting seamlessly to various bowling styles, whether it be spin or pace. Known for taking calculated risks, Shardul is unafraid to employ unconventional shots to accelerate the scoring rate.

2. Bowling Strategies:

As a swing master, Shardul Thakur possesses a natural ability for both inswing and outswing, making him a formidable force in troubling batsmen early in the innings. His mastery in maintaining exceptional line and length creates pressure, often resulting in LBW and bowled dismissals. Adding to his arsenal, Shardul employs crafty variations, including slower deliveries, cutters, and occasional off-spin, ensuring unpredictability. While his death overs skills are promising, there is still room for development.

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B. Training Regimen:

1. Fitness Training:

Shardul maintains peak physical fitness through a comprehensive regime, including core, legs, and shoulder-focused strength training. His regimen encompasses interval training for agility, running drills for speed and endurance, and plyometric exercises for explosiveness and quick reflexes.

2. Practice Routines:

In the nets, Shardul dedicates extensive time to hone both batting and bowling skills. Batting practice involves facing various bowling speeds and swing variations, while net sessions with spinners refine his timing and shot selection. Bowling drills specifically target generating swing and seam movement, and match simulations with batsmen help fine-tune strategies and variations.

C. Mental Toughness:

Known for his calm and composed demeanor under pressure, Shardul Thakur rarely succumbs to flustering situations. His ability to analyze situations swiftly and adapt his game plan accordingly demonstrates mental agility. Moreover, Shardul showcases bounce-backability, illustrating resilience in overcoming setbacks and maintaining unwavering determination.

D. Preferred Formats:

Shardul thrives in formats where swing bowling is crucial, especially in Test cricket and ODIs with a new ball available. While still a work in progress, he shows exciting potential in adapting his skills to T20 death overs.

E. Captaining Experience:

While not yet an established regular captain, Shardul possesses inherent leadership qualities. He has successfully led Mumbai A teams, indicating the potential for future captaincy roles.

F. Unique Playing Techniques or Strategies:

Shardul’s unique playing style involves effective use of the crease, angling across to generate different swing angles. He formulates specific plans for each batsman, exploiting their weaknesses with well-thought-out variations. His deceptive bowling action adds an additional layer of complexity, making it challenging for batsmen to pick up the swing early.

VIII. Financial Details:

A. Net Worth:

Estimated to be in the range of INR 2-3 crores (USD 250,000 – 375,000), Shardul’s earnings primarily come from domestic cricket contracts, IPL salary, and national match fees. There is significant potential for an increase with consistent international performances and major endorsement deals.

B. Endorsement Deals:

Currently holding endorsement deals with several brands, including Puma, boAt, and Cred, Shardul’s increased national exposure and success could attract major brands across various sports categories.

C. Business Ventures (if any):

As of now, Shardul Thakur does not have any known business ventures. His focus remains on establishing his cricket career and maximizing earning potential through future opportunities.

D. Investments and Financial Planning:

Details about Shardul’s investments and financial planning are not publicly known. However, it is likely that he seeks guidance from financial advisors to manage his growing wealth as his career progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shardul Thakur’s playing style known for?

Shardul Thakur is known for his aggressive late-order batting, capable of clearing boundaries with ease. As a swing master, he generates natural swing with both inswing and outswing, making him a potent force early in the innings.

Which teams has Shardul Thakur played for in domestic and international cricket?

Shardul Thakur has represented Mumbai in domestic cricket and Mumbai Indians in the IPL. He has been a key member of the Indian national cricket team, contributing in all formats.

What makes Shardul Thakur’s bowling unique?

Shardul Thakur’s bowling is marked by natural swing, exceptional line and length, and crafty variations. He uses slower deliveries, cutters.

What are Shardul Thakur’s notable performances in international cricket?

Some of Shardul’s standout performances include a six-wicket haul against Australia in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, a match-winning 71* against England in a Test at Lord’s, and impactful contributions in ODIs.

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